Degree thesis in History and other specialist services

In an era that tends – rightly or not – to hyperspecialization, even a structure like must take care to provide the public with a series of increasingly specialized services, structured on the needs of potential customers.

In some fields, which we will begin to illustrate from today, is able, due to the availability of tutors at the highest level, to be able to provide services of absolute excellence, ie NOT covered simply by valid tutors, but not provided with a specific specialization and usual to juggle with eclecticism between various subjects, but from super-professionals with a historical preparation of the highest level.

In the case of History, to begin with, is able to provide a very high quality support, valid – as well as for three-year theses – for master’s theses, for research doctorates, for master’s thesis and of course for the drafting or supporting the drafting of historical essays proper or for the preparation of company and / or family stories, as well as for the research of bibliographical, documentary and archival materials.

While maintaining its almost forty-year activity in the field of thesis support, ASER is in fact continuing its commitment to continuous diversification of the services provided, so as to be able to benefit an increasingly wider public.


It is clear, therefore, that ASER – is committed to providing, in the historical field but also in many other sectors that will be specified from time to time, a series of increasingly wider services, such as to configure it as a service agency getting richer.

In this regard, it is clear that it is difficult to concentrate in just a few lines like those of an article all that we can do, but a simple telephone or e-mail contact can wipe out any doubt and provide all the details and clarifications that we will be required.