Degree thesis: the question of trust

The greatest difficulty that must be faced when working in the field of thesis consultancy or academic ghostwriting or the support to be provided for bibliographical research, index processing, translations and various other services is to overcome the distrust of potential interlocutors.

Once upon a time – and ASER, which has been operating in this field for 35 years, of which 18 on the Net – was absolutely not so, because the rare operators in the sector were all sufficiently qualified to give the customer the maximum possible guarantees.

Starting from 2007-08, however, the growing crises that have hit the Italian economy, the lack of work and the ever increasing levels of unemployment have led to the entry into the sector of the most diverse subjects, not all adequately qualified and willing to operate respecting a professional ethics.

Thus some negative and distortive phenomena occurred, such as the increasingly widespread use of the “copy and paste” practice, the use of degree theses already discussed at other times and in other universities, the very dear attention to the protection of originality of the jobs that were provided to the public.

Degree thesis: the question of trust

All this has spread an understandable mistrust in the public, a distrust that is very easy to see when someone contacts us by email or by telephone. And much of our initial commitment must necessarily be aimed at breaking down this barrier of mistrust, which is often very high and requires repeated interventions to be completely overcome.

ASER fully understands this attitude of the public, because no one likes to be tricked and puts every effort into trying to fully fit in with those who turn to it, because they know that trust is born not only from professionalism (which is always very important) but also from ability to quickly get in tune with their interlocutors and, if they become customers, to keep it alive and active until the end of the work, based on the principle – always fundamental – that the satisfied customer will return, if he will have other needs to be met and will speak well of us in his relational circle.

Degree thesis: the question of trust

One of the paths we always try to develop is that, in the event that a person has taken advantage of ASER to complete his / her three-year thesis, then return to be supported for the magisterial thesis, or to carry out a master’s or research doctorate , or even to get help in the work, once you have started a profession, given that ASER also carries out translations, studies and research, helps in writing essays, reports and reports, etc.